About Gibbs Wright

Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers is based in Brisbane, appears in courts throughout Queensland, and exclusively practices in litigation and dispute resolution. There are hundreds of law firms in Queensland, but only a handful of them primarily focus on litigation, and fewer still have the skill necessary to win consistently. Our exclusive practice allows Gibbs Wright to provide exceptional skill, strategy and confidence in litigation and dispute resolution matters. We don’t just like to win, we like to pick the round to win it in, and we will never back down from a fight.  

We go above and beyond for our clients and our results speak for themselves. We are absolutely relentless about winning. 

Our firm boasts experience in complex negotiations, having the best trial strategy, and displaying exceptional and strong courtroom advocacy skills. On a regular basis we have given clients with losing cases the edge they need to secure victory or come out with amazing settlements. 

We work hard every day to achieve results for our clients, doing whatever we can within an ethical framework to achieve a great result, and striving to be Queensland’s most feared and respected litigation firm. We have one focus: to win. 

Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers represents both plaintiffs and defendants. We have clients from the largest tobacco accessories wholesaler in Australia and New Zealand, down to micro-businesses and individuals. No case is too small or too simple, and no case is too large or too complicated. We believe that excellent representation is for everyone, and unlike our competitors, we are often willing to enter into creative fee arrangements to suit the needs of our clients. 

Do not settle for anything less.

Our Motto

“Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.” A lawyer should only appear in court when they are properly prepared. They should aim to know more about the facts and the law than their opponent, and the judge.