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Our Process at Gibbs Wright

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We walk you through the steps required to engage our services, the costs you may face and what you can expect when beginning your legal dispute journey.

It’s important to us that you get to talk to a lawyer, so we offer a free phone consultation to hear you out.

Step by step

Litigation and Negotiation

A litigation lawyer has two duties; advocate for our clients and uphold the law.

In a competitive business environment, broken contracts and failed relations can prevent a business or individual from succeeding. Effective legal advice and decisive action can mean the difference between success and failure, and that is why you need a dedicated litigation law firm fighting for you.

At Gibbs Wright, our aim is to work with you to develop and implement an effective and efficient strategy from start to finish. We never take a generic approach to any matter. 

Our strategies are developed with your best interests in mind so that we can achieve the results you want – and our process reflects that.

Step 1

Initial Discussion

The first time we speak to you will likely be over the phone. The purpose of this call is to make an initial assessment of your matter and consider the options that are available to you. We do not charge for this phone call.

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Step 2

Case Review

We may need to request key documents, such as a contract or a series of emails, in order for us to assess your matter further. This is to determine whether we are able to assist you, and we typically do not charge for this.

Step 3

Advice and Strategy

If we determine that our litigation team can assist you, and depending on the expected cost and complexity of your matter, we can generally be able to either give you a fixed fee or an estimate of our fees.

Step 4


If we can help, and you agree with our proposed solutions, our team of litigators will move forward to vigorously pursue or defend a claim on your behalf.

Whether your case requires a court room showdown or a hard-hitting negotiator, our team of dedicated litigators are ready for the challenge.

Meet the Litigation Team

Our lawyers want to win as much as you. They care and it makes all the difference in each case.