Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Have your rights as a consumer been breached?

If you have been sold a product or service that does not meet up to your expectations, it is important that you know your consumer rights to ensure you get the product or service that you paid for, or alternatively, that you receive fair compensation from the supplier when they have failed to meet your reasonable expectations.

Have your rights as a consumer been breached?

What are Consumer Guarantees?

Consumer guarantees are an important part of Australia’s general fair trading and consumer protection laws. Under the ACL, consumer guarantees broadly refer to an extensive set of rules that apply to the supply of goods and services to consumers in the course of trade or commerce.

Many consumer guarantees are automatically provided to the consumer with any sale of a product or service, and as such, businesses have various automatic obligations as a provider of a product or service. Some of these obligations may include (but are not limited to) ensuring the following:

Supply of Products

  • The product is of acceptable quality;
  • The product is fit for the purpose to which the consumer intends to use it;
  • The product has been accurately described; and
  • The product satisfies any express warranties

Supply of Services

  • The service is provided with due care and skill;
  • The service is fit for any express or implied specified purpose; and
  • The service is provided within a reasonable time

We can help you

When a consumer dispute arises, it is important to adopt the correct strategy early on in order to limit or avoid losses. Identifying the best strategy for your particular matter can be complex – particularly in circumstances where a business is involved in a matter involving product recalls or class action lawsuits.

At Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers, we fight vigorously for our clients’ rights and protections. We act for both consumers and businesses in a number of complex and high-value matters, and our lawyers have the skill and determination to get you the results you deserve.

Contact us to discuss your specific Consumer Protection dispute and learn how we can help.

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