Negotiate a Debt

Negotiating a debt is an art. Skilful lawyers will not just meet in the middle; they will need to balance several competing interests.

Gibbs Wright Lawyers have experience in negotiating debts, whether pursuing debts or defending them.

We also have experience in negotiating debts owed to ‘debt buyers’, including against Credit Corp Group, the largest debt buying company in Australia. These experiences show that negotiation is not always about ‘rolling over’. Sometimes it is about putting the other side in such a position that a trial is not an option for them.

A lawyer skilled in litigation and dispute resolution will be able to guide you through the process. Whether you owe money, or are owed money Gibbs Wright Lawyers is here to help.

We recommend that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible because experience shows that plaintiffs are more likely to get paid if an action is commenced as soon as the debt being outstanding as possible. For defendants, action should be taken to avoid default judgment and attempting to avoid a bankruptcy notice being issued against you.

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