debt disputes

Debt disputes

Dealing with debt disputes can be a lengthy, time consuming, and financially draining process when you don’t have the right advice.

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Gibbs Wright Lawyers are here to assist you in debt disputes to get you back on track as quickly, easily, and efficiently as possible.

We offer a streamlined and proven method of recovering debts for private and commercial matters. We also have a fantastic track record in defending and negotiating debt disputes.

Our aim is to deliver a swift resolution, whether your matter can be dealt with in a pre-court settlement, whether you can have the matter dealt with by way of a simple application to the court, or whether it is necessary to proceed to trial. 

We know that debt disputes can impact on personal, financial, and professional well being, which is why so many of our clients turn to us for excellent advice, strategy and legal assistance. 

Recover a debt​

Find out more about our process for debt recovery and learn about how we manage the debt recovery procedure. Whether your matter requires skilled alternative dispute resolution or whether you need to pursue the matter through the court processes, Gibbs Wright Lawyers will assist you. 

Negotiate a debt

Sometimes a debt is black and white, and sometimes there is room for negotiation and compromise. We are skilled negotiators and can assist you in facilitated discussions and position-based negotiation to ensure that the interests of all parties are managed appropriately. 

Defend a debt

If you are being sued for a debt, then we can usually assist by identifying defences or negotiating a resolution to the debt claim. At Gibbs Wright Lawyers, we will vigorously protect your rights and negotiate with the other party (when and if necessary) to resolve your dispute, ensuring that your interests are protected. 

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Get in touch with us for debt recovery, debt negotiation, and debt defence advice. We are here to ensure that your interests are protected and that your debt dispute matter is handled swiftly and with the best possible outcome for you in mind.

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