Discrimination Disputes

Anti-Discrimination laws in Queensland are very wide and have very serious consequences.

If a person treats or proposes to treat a person a different way because of any one of sixteen different attributes (age, sex, race, impairment, religious, political, gender identities etc.) then this is likely to be considered discrimination. But that is just “Direct Discrimination”, there is also “Indirect Discrimination” which further widens the scope.

Discrimination disputes typically arise in the workplace, but also occurs generally. These have ranged from people who have different religious beliefs, to been discriminated against because of having disabled children to care for, through to defending matters relating to assistance dogs.

Issues relating to inappropriate relationships or sexual advances in the workplace are also common issues.

We have experience in dealing with matters in the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission (now the Queensland Human Rights Commission), Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

If you have been discriminated against, or need to defend a discrimination claim, then Gibbs Wright Lawyers is here to fight for you.