Immediate court intervention

Time is critical in situations where a court intervention may be required.

At Gibbs Wright Lawyers, we will handle your need for an immediate court intervention with rapid and precise action.

We understand that time and critical delays can negatively impact your case, so for all urgent matters, call us as soon as possible.

An immediate court intervention is a legal order issued by a court that directs an entity or person to take a specific action or, more commonly, to not take a specific action. Court interventions may be required if urgent action or attention is required for a dispute matter.

Immediate court intervention usually involves one of the following:

  1. An injunction: restraining a person from continuing an action. For example, stealing clients despite a restraint of trade clause, using confidential information or selling disputed assets;

  2. A freezing order: to freeze assets to avoid a judgment or prospective judgment been wholly or partly unsatisfied because of a party removing assets or diminishing the value of those assets; and

  3. Search orders: to secure or preserve evidence in a civil matter in a similar way as a police search warrant.