Insurance Disputes

If your insurance provider is refusing to honour your property or business insurance claim, you may have a legal case to take action against them.

Gibbs Wright Lawyers can assist you with professional advice regarding how to approach your insurance dispute as well as be a powerful advocate for your case in an internal review, AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority) complaint and/or court proceedings.

If you don’t have the right representation, your insurer may refuse a claim. When you’re in desperate need for cash and the insurance company is delaying, denying and absolving themselves of liability, you need lawyers who are going to fight for you, and fight hard.

Insurance companies ask that you pay your insurance premiums every year. But when something big happens and it’s time for them to pay, many insurance companies make you jump through hoops or don’t pay at all.

Take for example one matter where a yacht was damaged in Cyclone Yasi and became submerged. The water was pumped out of it and was made buoyant again. Then, the insurance company high pressure cleaned the hull on hardstand and ripped holes in it, placed it back in the water, sunk the yacht, and then claimed it had hull damage and refused the claim.