Property Disputes

Property Dispute Solutions

Property disputes involve land and the buildings attached to them. Whether property developers are disputing between themselves, or with the government Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers can help.

It is important that parties to a property dispute obtain good legal advice as soon as a dispute looks likely to ensure the protection of their interest in the property involved. It is better to obtain advice as soon as possible and not stick your head in the sand.

At Gibbs Wright, we can assist in developing a strategy when a property dispute occurs as well as enforcing or defending your rights relating to the property over which the dispute has risen.

Property development disputes are one of the most common forms of major disputes? Land disputes often involve a lot of money that is tied up in the project.

Property dispute examples

The following examples are just some of the many types of property disputes that arise:

  • Ownership disputes;
  • Co-ownership disputes;
  • Acquisition disputes;
  • Encroachment disputes;
  • Dividing fencing disputes;
  • Tree disputes;
  • Lease disputes; and
  • Easement disputes.

It is important that parties involved in a property dispute act fast and obtain legal advice on their position. More importantly, property dispute matters normally have a limitation period, so it is crucial that you seek legal advice immediately.

What type of Property Dispute do you have?

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