QCAT Disputes

Are you currently (or going to be) an applicant or respondent to a QCAT dispute? QCAT is short for Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, a tribunal that covers several different types of disputes, including:

  • Discrimination disputes;
  • Construction disputes;
  • Residential tenancy disputes;
  • Neighbourhood disputes;
  • Occupational regulation;
  • Trade and consumer disputes; and
  • Minor debt recovery;
  • and more.

As QCAT was designed to be cost-effective for all parties in a dispute QCAT has discretion about whether you can have a lawyer represent you at your hearing. We can apply to QCAT to represent you at a hearing depending on the nature of your dispute and or any power imbalance between parties.

Alternatively, we can assist you with preparing your submissions and evidence.

Note that it may be uncommercial for us to assist in matters of less than $20,000.

If you are a party to a QCAT Dispute, call us about your specific dispute today.