QIRC Disputes

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) is an entity that takes the function of hearing work-related discrimination exemption applications, providing opinions about the application of Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) for work-related matters and other procedural type matters for work-related complaints.

It is important to note that QIRC matters are time sensitive and normally have a short limitation period. This means that it is important that you act swiftly in submitting your workplace claim.

More often than not, navigating and knowing your rights and what legislation or sections of the act applies can be extremely difficult. Gibbs Wright Lawyers are here to assist you in your QIRC or work-related claims.

Examples of QIRC matters

The following examples are some of the many QIRC matters that arise during a dispute:

  • Workplace bullying;
  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Workplace sexual harassment;
  • Redundancy;
  • Medical retirement;
  • Underpayments of wages; and
  • For state and local public servants: appeals pursuant to the Public Service Act 2008.