White Collar Crime

Have you been falsely accused of a crime?

Has an accusation led to an investigation or even a criminal charge?

If you have, it is crucial that you seek legal counsel. Fraud is generally defined as obtaining money, goods and/or services that do not belong to you and/or using such for your own benefit or the benefit of others.

Types of Fraud include:

  • Stealing money or goods
  • Forgery and like offences
  • Obtaining property by passing valueless cheques
  • Fraudulently obtaining or dealing with identification material
  • Concealing records
  • Personation (to assume the identity of another person)

Fraud and related charges are not only serious but are also the type of matters to be complex, if you haven’t engaged in any legal help. Defending a false accusation charge in court is a stressful and time-consuming experience but Gibbs Wright Lawyers can help you defend yourself effectively.