The Insurance Process

What happens after an incident occurs? When do you make an Insurance claim? What types of insurance are there?

What does ‘Good Faith’ mean?

Australia has seen an increase in the number of disputes involving parties alleging that there has been a breach of an obligation of ‘good faith’ that has resulted in loss or damage.

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Unconscionable Conduct

The doctrine of unconscionable conduct applies when a party to a transaction is under a special disadvantage and another party knew and took advantage of this special disadvantage.

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Breach of Confidence

The High Court of Australia recognised Breach of Confidence as an equitable cause of action in 1984. Equitable causes of action exist to prevent extreme unfairness.

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Adverse Action

When a person engages in, threatens to engage in, or organises any conduct that has an adverse effect on another party. Under the Fair Work Act, adverse action can be done by…

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Doctrine of Repudiation

When do you have a contractual right to terminate a contract? Learn to identify when repudiation occurs and how it can affect your contracts.

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