Meet Cookies

This statement gives you information about our use of internet cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is usually a small file downloaded onto your device caused by your interaction with online content.

Cookies allow (for example, a website) to recognise a computer.

The use of Cookies
Cookies are often used for advertising purposes and often reveal:

  • Information about you or someone else (both personal information and otherwise);
  • IP address and/or location data about the device;
  • Websites accessed; and
  • Activity of the websites accessed.

Cookies can improve your experience because:

  • it improves your browsing experience;
  • information is usually better presented to you;
  • the display of customised ads

Control over cookies

Your internet browser settings will usually allow you to control cookies.

It will usually be necessary for you to opt out separately from each device you use to access online content.
Opting out of cookies usually does not disable the displaying of ads.

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