Meet Privacy Policy

1. Respecting your privacy

Gibbs Wright Lawyers Pty Ltd ACN 631 054 325  is committed to complying with privacy laws and which set out standards for the management of personal information.

2. Personal information we collect and hold

The personal information we collect and hold is what is reasonably necessary for our business functions and activities. When we collect and hold personal information, it is usually of the following kinds:

Your personal details such as your name, addresses, telephone numbers, age and gender;
Whether you have a connection with others whose personal information we may collect or hold, for example family members or business associates;
What, how and when you buy from us or have expressed an interest in buying from us; and
Your stated or likely preferences, for example whether you may be interested in particular services or promotions.

Sometimes our services require us to collect health and financial information from you.
Our services require us to collect legal information from you.
Depending on the nature of your dealings with us, we may collect and hold other types of personal information.

3. How we collect and hold personal information

Collection of personal information: When we collect personal information about you, we do so by making a record of it.
We do this when:

You communicate with us;
Third parties communicate with us about you; and You take part in our promotions, competitions, testimonials and/or surveys.
We may collect information about you using technology which is not apparent to you, for example “cookies”. See our Cookies Statement.

Personal information we hold is generally stored in computer systems. These may be operated by us or by others. We will attempt to avoid unauthorised access to, loss, misuse or wrongful alternation of your personal information.

4. Why we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information

When we collect, hold and use your personal information, we do so primarily to sell and promote services to you and provide advice to you if you are our client. In some cases, we are required by law to hold certain information on you.

5. You can enquire about, access and correct your personal information

If required by law we will provide you with access to your personal information. There are some circumstances due to the legal nature of our business where we must refuse to provide such information. If you wish to access your personal information please contact us via our contact us page.

You should be aware that we will require proof of identity and we may charge you a reasonable fee for giving access to your personal information, which may include our regular retainer if you are our client.

6. You can complain about our management of personal information

You may wish to complain about a breach of privacy rules that bind us, in which case you can speak to our office.
We will usually ask you to put your complaint in writing and to provide details about it.
We may discuss your complaint with others as appropriate.

7. Our sharing of your personal information overseas

We may, from time to time, share information (including but not limited to storing your data on servers located outside of Australia).

8. Updates​

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time without notice to you when lawful to do so.

9. More information

More informatin about privacy law and privacy principles is available from the Privacy Commissioner. The Privacy Commissioner may be contacted at (email- (Australia)

Last update of this policy: 3 March 2019

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