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We offer a wide range of litigation and negotiation legal services and advice in Brisbane, Queensland. Discuss your legal disputes today.​

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Resolve your dispute with confidence.

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We exclusively practise in litigation and dispute resolution. We are a team of litigation lawyers committed to providing powerful representation, from the negotiation table right through to the courtroom.

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If you need an experienced negotiator on your side or hard-hitting representation in a courtroom showdown, we have you covered. We represent some of the largest companies in their industry and we’re not easily intimidated.

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Commercial litigation lawyers

Commercial litigation lawyers

At Gibbs Wright, we understand that if a business relationship breaks down, a resolution is needed quickly and effectively to avoid financial (and sometimes reputational) damage to your business.

All commercial litigation at Gibbs Wright involves an ongoing risk/reward assessment to examine the cost implications of legal proceedings versus alternative avenues that may be available to you.

We recognise that both your time and financial situation are vital aspects that affect how you may wish to proceed with your case. At Gibbs Wright, we make sure your interests are addressed so that you can feel comfortable with the strategy we adopt.

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Civil litigation lawyers

Personal litigation disputes can arise between private individuals, despite the best attempts to avoid conflict. If a dispute occurs, the situation can be stressful and difficult, especially if you are dealing with the dispute on your own.

You need a lawyer with strong communication skills who can not only present your best case in a dispute, but is also able to communicate effectively with you to ensure your best interests are at the centre of the dispute.

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Gibbs Wright can help you to navigate through all the legal jargon and complex negotiations to deliver a strong and clear message to your opponent.

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