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We exclusively practise in litigation and dispute resolution. We are a team of litigation lawyers committed to providing powerful representation, from the negotiation table right through to the courtroom.

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If you need an experienced negotiator on your side or hard-hitting representation in a courtroom showdown, we have you covered. We represent some of the largest companies in their industry and we’re not easily intimidated.

If you need an experienced negotiator on your side or hard-hitting representation in a courtroom showdown, we have you covered. We represent some of the largest companies in their industry and we’re not easily intimidated.

people focused litigation lawyers brisbane
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Business Disputes

Commercial litigation lawyers

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At Gibbs Wright, we understand that if a business relationship breaks down, a resolution is needed quickly and effectively to avoid financial (and sometimes reputational) damage to your business.

All commercial litigation at Gibbs Wright involves an ongoing risk/reward assessment to examine the cost implications of legal proceedings versus alternative avenues that may be available to you.

We recognise that both your time and financial situation are vital aspects that affect how you may wish to proceed with your case. At Gibbs Wright, we make sure your interests are addressed so that you can feel comfortable with the strategy we adopt.

Personal Disputes​

Civil litigation lawyers

Personal litigation disputes can arise between private individuals, despite the best attempts to avoid conflict. If a dispute occurs, the situation can be stressful and difficult, especially if you are dealing with the dispute on your own.

You need a lawyer with strong communication skills who can not only present your best case in a dispute, but is also able to communicate effectively with you to ensure your best interests are at the centre of the dispute.

We can help resolve your director disputes

Gibbs Wright can help you to navigate through all the legal jargon and complex negotiations to deliver a strong and clear message to your opponent.


What our clients say

I am very grateful for Yusuf and the team at Gibbs Wright in helping me with my employment-related issue. Yusuf and Michelle did an outstanding job attending to all my questions with patience and diligence... Overall it was a very positive experience. Would highly recommend.

5 star rating

Cheng (Simon) She

Decided to use Gibbs Wright litigation and was not disappointed, Rebekka and Spencer were very professional, helpful, understanding and made the legal process less stressful. Would highly recommend and if ever the need I would happily go through them again.

5 star rating

Clifford Lewthwaite


Frequently asked questions

There is no agreed definition of commercial litigation, but it has been described as when two or more businesses have a legal dispute which has escalated to court proceedings. There are other instances of commercial litigation disputes that exist, including if a business was to commence proceedings against the government for breaching a tender contract.

It becomes more difficult when individuals start getting involved in the court proceedings. It would be unusual for lawyers to consider an employee bringing an action against their employer (a business) as commercial litigation, although theoretically there is a commercial aspect and a litigation aspect to the proceedings, and for all intents and purposes could be considered commercial litigation.

Whilst the usage of the term commercial litigation can be very broad, the most common usage of the phrase is intended to convey litigation involving business versus business in court proceedings excluding small claims or minor debt recovery.
Civil law or civil litigation is the umbrella term for litigation disputes that do not have a criminal element (i.e. civil litigation vs criminal litigation). Civil law can include disputes relating to monetary compensation, including breach of contract disputes, through to intellectual property disputes and even defamation law.

General litigation on the other hand falls within the umbrella of civil litigation disputes and is used to distinguish between commercial litigation disputes (see our What is commercial litigation FAQ).

Gibbs Wright are civil law lawyers, but we do not do everything within the umbrella of civil law. Gibbs Wright focus on commercial litigation and general litigation matters that are not family disputes, personal injury or migration law. Where Gibbs Wright does not operate, we can typically recommend lawyers to assist you.

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