At Gibbs Wright, we exclusively practise in litigation and dispute resolution. We are a team of litigation lawyers committed to providing powerful representation, from the negotiation table right through to court.

Our firm represents individuals and businesses and can provide you with assistance before a matter gets to court, including negotiating and providing advice.

If you need an experienced negotiator on your side or hard-hitting representation in a courtroom showdown, we have you covered. We represent some of the largest companies in their industry and we’re not easily intimidated.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial and business relationships are important to the ongoing operation of your business. If a dispute occurs, and relationships break down, a resolution is needed quickly and effectively to avoid financial and sometimes reputational damage to your business.

 At Gibbs Wright, we understand that commercial litigation involves an ongoing risk/reward review that examines the cost implications of proceeding legally versus the available alternatives.

The bottom line is, your time and financial situation are important. We take care in producing detailed work to ensure your interests in a business or commercial litigation matter are vigorously protected and that it won’t break the bank.

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Personal Litigation

Personal litigation disputes can arise between private individuals, despite the best attempts to avoid conflict. If a dispute occurs, the situation can be stressful and difficult, especially if you are dealing with the dispute on your own.

You need a lawyer with strong communication skills to present your best side in a dispute, as well as to also be able to communicate effectively with you. Gibbs Wright can help you to navigate through all the legal jargon and complex negotiations to deliver a strong and clear message to your opposition.

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We offer an initial, no cost, obligation-free consultation to assess the strength of your case.

Appeals, Caveats, Writs, and Injunctions


If a decision regarding a dispute you have had is made in Court  and is unfavourable, you wish to appeal.

Caveats and Writs

Legal documents providing notice to prevent the registration of other dealings on a property.


Applications for a special Court order compelling a party to do or refrain from doing a particular act or thing.

Enforcing and Defending Judgements

If an unfavourable Court Judgement been awarded against you, learn how we can defend you or your business.

Or, if you need to enforce a Judgement that has already been made, discover what our litigation team can do to help.

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