Administrative Decisions disputes

If a government decision is made that impacts you or your business and is not favourable to you, then you may be able to dispute the decision. Gibbs Wright Lawyers are ready to take the legal action you need to keep government decision-makers accountable for unfair and unlawful decisions.

Don’t let one decision-maker ruin your life or your business.
Contact Gibbs Wright Lawyers to handle your Administrative decision disputes.

Supreme Court of Queensland

Administrative law regulates government decision making and ensures that each government agency or regulatory authority is held accountable for making unjust decisions, or failing to make a decision at all.

Decisions can have wide ranging impacts on companies, as well as individuals. It is important to ensure that the decision is made lawfully, in particular when the decision can impact you or your business financially. Common decisions that are disputed include:

  1. Granting, refusing or revoking a licence;
  2. Dealing with land (including development approvals and clearing of land); and
  3.  Tax matters.

This is just a short list of common decisions that are disputed, but government decision makers make thousands of decisions each day for a variety of reasons. Administrative law covers essentially every decision made by an individual because in a democracy everyone (should be) accountable.

Often there are strict timeframes to review a decision, so if you have had an unfavourable decision made against you contact us immediately to protect your rights.