Tax Disputes

Tax Disputes with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or the Office of State Revenue can be emotionally draining, in particular when you are struggling financially.

Gibbs Wright Lawyers may be able to assist in the following circumstances:

  1. You owe money and need more time;
  2. You want to avoid or reduce a penalty or interest charges;
  3. You want to review a decision made by the Australian Tax Office (see Administrative Decisions);
  4. You want to avoid bankruptcy proceedings;
  5. You want a private or public ruling;
  6. You want to avoid a prosecution against you (see Regulatory Litigation); or
  7. Something else that requires us to fight or negotiate to protect your position.

We offer various options and recommendations to achieve the most commercial solution with minimal disruption to you or your business.

When it comes to a tax dispute, it is important to act fast and get the right legal advice. 

Contact Gibbs Wright Lawyers today about your tax dispute whether you’re a business or an individual.